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In an extraordinary fusion of development

Interactive and gripping stories,

will come together with groundbreaking visuals and sounds.

​ ​

This amazing mix

transcending the limits of the digital world,

With you in a real-time world of digital people

will enable them to co-exist.

​ ​

By building and publishing these experiences together,

by pushing the realistic limits of the digital world

to raise it as high as possible 

We believe with all our heart.

​ ​

Alara X has only one purpose in this story.

Powerful and story-driven immersive fun!

​ ​

We invite you to enter my digital world that we have created.

Come and be the hero of our digital adventures!!

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 22.30.40.png

Years of work finally have come to an end!

IAMX.Live that has real-time motion capture and 4K HOLO hologram technology is now available!

Alara X, the first member of the 21-person IAMX human colony, comes to life.

She is here for the future!

Here to be your face, your voice, and your soul!

If you are ready to take your future place in a new age we can meet.

The future begins!

Hi! That’s me, AlaraX, I am ready now! 
Shall we begin?

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