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We are develop advanced kinematics software, hybrid sensing and

Live holographic technologies to animate

Real-time Digital Human Character.

4K HOLO scene and technology used by world-renowned illusion artists such as David Copperfield and Chris Angel in their live performances and exhibited with Live Motion Capture technology on Ashley O character in Netflix Black Mirror Season 5 ..

Bars Entertainment has 2 different 4K HOLO scene as (25mx8m and 16mx8m) , 8 unit x Christie LX 1500 projectors and Dataton software technical infrastructure in order to realize the Live

4K Hologram technology.

And very soon, The characters designed in the IAMX LIVE digital human studio are planned to be used in Real-time entertainment shows with motion capture technology.


Designs of BARS Entertainment is the fusion of some truly brilliant innovators from a diverse range 

of arts and technologies.


We combine our talents to produce jaw-dropping and never-before-seen holographic, interactive and other visual experiences.​ In just six years​ ​we've made our name as the most imaginative and reliable interactive show and 3D Electronic stage design company out there in Istanbul, Antalya and Dubai.


And ​hologram projects are only a part of what we do

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